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What People are Saying about Jim

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Testimonials and Endorsements

Clint Didier with Jim Mccune
Super Bowl Champion and current Franklin County Commissioner Clint Didier with Jim McCune

Clint Didier

Franklin County Commissioner and two-time Super Bowl Champion

Endorses Jim McCune for State Senate.

Amy Cruver

Administrative Assistant to Jim McCune

Endorses Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune for State Senate 2nd LD District

It’s been a great privilege working for Jim McCune as his Administrative Assistant. For nearly 15 years, I have worked side by side with Jim. Before, as a former State Representative and now, as the current Pierce County Councilman. He has work hard to protect your individual, constitutional rights and your property rights.

Jim has owned a successful business for over 50 years. He understands firsthand how the pressures of regulatory burdens affect businesses and families. He works hard to support families, seniors, veterans and businesses. He fights against government waste.

Jim will vote against any new taxes and oppose any government invasion of privacy. He will continue to fight against human trafficking, just as he did as the Chair of Pierce County’s Public Safety Committee. Jim passed an ordinance to ban heroin injections sites in Pierce County and will fight against the lawless thinking that permeates Olympia. My boss will always keep his word and fight for government to live within its means

Bev Emmons

Wife of former City of Orting Police Chief

I am endorsing Jim McCune for the office of Washington State Senator, Legislative District 2. My late husband, Ron Emmons (retired City of Orting Police Chief) and I have known Jim for over 25 years. Ron worked with Jim in various activities of the church including the AWANA program for children and youth. Jim exemplifies high standards through his faith, integrity, and commitment to God and family. 

Jim McCune has been dedicated to the political arena for many years and has worked tirelessly to make this part of Pierce County a safe and clean environment.  He has been a strong proponent of cleaning up homeless encampments on vacated properties. 

Please vote for Jim McCune as our next State Senator for Legislative District 2.

Grant Pelesky

Former State Representative

Two-term elected member of the Pierce County Charter Review Commission

Jim McCune is the kind of person our founders envisioned as an elected leader. His votes are based on core principles of sound governance. Jim has a knowledge of our Constitution and American history that few possess. Jim draws on this wisdom of our country's fathers in his voting decisions. As a resident of Jim's Council district, I have witnessed first hand Jim's constituent problem solving ability. As a personal and political friend of Jim McCune for decades, I enthusiastically endorse Jim McCune's bid for the Washington State Senate.

Christine Gilge

Director of Adorned in Grace Tacoma

Jim McCune, as the Public Safety chair of the Pierce County, has worked diligently to bring solutions to end the devastating effects of Human Trafficking to the forefront of Pierce County Government. He works with numerous groups to end sex slavery in our communities. He has given Adorned in Grace Tacoma, (whose mission is: to raise awareness of trafficking, advocate prevention, and facilitate restoration for survivors) a platform to speak from on his committee. Jim McCune is passionate about the fight against human trafficking, and when elected to the State Senate, he will continue in this battle.

Sandra Isdell

Started a new mobile coffee shop in Elbe

Isdell said that County Councilman Jim McCune spearheaded an inter-agency meeting that revealed that one of Elbe district’s existing 46 connections could be used for her business. “I’m grateful,” Isdell said, adding cutting through the red tape “was Huge.”

Ted Hartman

Puyallup Resident 25+ years

"In this rapidly changing world, it is becoming rare to find someone who is as dedicated to the preservation of rights of We The People. In dealing with the lawless issues that have enveloped our neighborhood and community, Jim McCune told us he will never give up on us. And as it is with people who put a value on integrity, he has shown to be true to his word."

Carl E. Truman

Spanaway Resident 35+ years

"I contacted Councilman McCune last fall concerning a drug house on Spanaway Loop Road. Within days, he was able to have the home posted and condemned. Shortly thereafter, the residents were evicted and the house was boarded up. He is working daily to remove drug houses and to clean up abandoned and neglected homes in the Spanaway area."

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