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  • Jim McCune

Jim on the Issues

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

As Pierce County Councilman and former State Representative, Jim's history reflects principles over politics

Public Safety (Jim has been Committee Chair for six years)

We must get criminals off our streets and protect our neighborhoods and towns from dangerous law breakers

  • Funded a five-police-officer property-crime task force in 2015, which has been extremely successful

  • Worked to stop human trafficking and bring awareness in Pierce County

  • Fighting to protect 2nd Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens

  • Getting property owners to clean up drug encampments on their properties

  • Open up a new Police Precinct in Parkland 2013 crime center

  • Worked with property owners to close-up drug houses

  • Help property owners to lock up local armed and dangerous drug dealers

  • Fought for more police officers on the street every time there was a new budget cycle

  • Working on a retail theft ordinance which creates a task force to identify and arrest retail theft rings

  • Worked to secure funding for nonprofits that have a proven record on drug recovery, such as Teen Challenge and the Rescue Mission (both have high recovery records).

Protecting your Properties

As a watchman for the citizens he represents, Jim is always fighting to protect and maintain individual property rights.

  • Passed an ordinance to stop the unconstitutional GPS spying program against citizens properties within Pierce County

  • Stopped an executive officer from land grabbing against farmer's properties

  • Worked to stop State Dept. of Ecology from taking ownership of waterfront properties in Pierce County without due process of the law

  • Helped secure funding for the Orting City levy setbak project as a Pierce County Board of Supervisors on flooding in Pierce County.

Opposing Higher Taxes and Wasteful Spending

Jim fights new taxes and wasteful spending every step of the way. Too many regulations, taxes, etc. are killing new business opportunities.

  • Fought and stopped the executive $300 million dollar legacy project, General Serves building or glass palace, which was a waste of taxpayer’s money

  • Worked and stopped higher tax, impact fee, and fees against your homes and properties

  • Fighting sale tax increase for free housing for drug users without any accountably, like drug testing or treatment for addicts

  • Worked to provide property tax relief for senior citizens, especially those on fixed incomes

  • Working to keep taxes and regulations down to provide affordable housing for young families and first-time homebuyers

  • Fought for senior citizens property tax reductions while in Olympia, to help keep your golden years golden. Seniors who are 65+ years old and make less than $54,000 should pay zero property taxes. Jim also fought to keep full funding for the Pierce County Senior Center in the budget; our hard-working seniors need the help now that they're on fixed incomes.

Improving Traffic

As a former State Representative and current Pierce County Councilman, Jim McCune prioritizes improving traffic and has worked for projects such as:

  • Completion of traffic light for Carson Elementary at 184th and Gem Heights

  • Working for turn lanes or light at 82nd and 224th Graham library

  • Extending Canyon Road to 208th to 224th, as well as a northern extension

  • Street lighting for schools, dark night turns

  • Planning and mapping for safe routes to schools (sidewalks)

  • Helped funding of Yelm Bypass, Cross-Base Highway, important traffic lights on dangerous intersections, such as Hwy. 702 and Hwy. 304 and Mountain Hwy.

  • Proposed Graham Library Intersection, slated to be constructed next year

  • Completion of an all-new intersection at 22nd Ave. and 152nd St.

Parks, Trails, Farms, and the Environment

Our parks have great recreational fun for all our citizens to enjoy. I will work to maintain and increase recreational opportunities where we can.

  • Secured Veterans discounts for our parks and recreational centers

  • Advocate for 4-H programs and small county fairs that play a big role for families in our communities

  • Passed amendment to stop chemical-operated fish farms on Pierce County coast lines

  • Getting the county to change out old culverts for better fish passages

  • Worked with local farmers throughout our community, helping them create jobs and build a strong economy

“It is a privilege to serve as your Councilman, and I will continue to fight for fiscal responsibility and against higher taxes as your next State Senator.” —Councilman Jim McCune

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